More signal, less noise.

That’s what we help you find.  Not just “more connections,” or more empty and unhelpful content, but more business connections, and therefore, more business.  There are millions of people searching every minute of the day.  Is your business in a position to be found?

Ten years ago, a website was enough.  Today, a website is about 20% of what it takes to succeed on the internet, in part because Google is looking at the major social platforms to determine what put at the top of its search results page.  If you don’t have a presence on the sites Google thinks businesses like yours belong, your stand-alone website won’t get the ranking it may otherwise deserve.

Martin Brossman and Karen Tiede have cut their marketing teeth on these problems, helping business owners and managers across the state figure out the most cost-effective ways of representing themselves in this new territory.  Martin & Karen teach the Social Media Certificate Program at NCSU’s Technology Training Solutions (McKimmon Center), as well as the Social Media Business Basics class, Marketing with Pinterest, Social Selling with Linkedin, and WordPress Websites.  In addition, they teach similar material around the state in the community college system, Chambers of Commerce, and the Small Business Centers.

Our clients are businesses and departments just like yours.  We’ve consulted with government departments, both small and large franchises, multi-site businesses, and independent agencies.  In a way, you can call what we do “branding,” in as much as we help you get found for what you do best.  Not colors and logos and slogans, but rather, as much representation on the platforms and result pages that matter for your organization as you can (legally) get.